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Family Eco Club Rulikov


Country, At Hotel, Banquet Hall, Restaurant


1 Sovkhozna St., Rulykiv village, Kiev region, Ukraine


Game, Grill, Children, Beer, Pizza, Fish, Steaks, Fondue


Live Music, Karaoke, Dance Floor, Hotel/Rooms, Playgrounds, Houses/Pergolas, Summer Terrace


Spa bar (fresh bar) - 0/20

Restaurant near Lake Provence with karaoke - 40/50

Banquet hall "Horseshoe" with a living fireplace - 60/70

Restaurant on the water "Teplohid" - 230/300

Pizzeria-glass space by the water with a large oven - 10/20


Free, Guarded

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About the Place

Rulikov is a village that looks like an illustration of a beautiful Christmas tree toy. White houses with wooden beams, plush lawns behind low fences, a mirror lake and bleached Provencal-style restaurants are all so perfect that it seems like a miracle has happened. And these are not all the sights of the village "Rulikov". There are also decorative animals, which are simply pleasing to the eye - peacocks, squirrels and cute deer. Crucian carp and perch are splashing in the lake. Of course you can fish. The lake is surrounded by its own brewery with the right pub, where amazing craft beer is brewed. Everything here is perfect for an off-site wedding ceremony. The central building is a SPA, beauty salon and gym. Nearby there is a tennis court. Leaving after training, you can go to swim in the pool, which is always warm and comfortable. Or relax in the hammam or under the hands of a skilled masseur. Family Eco Club "Rulikov" is the embodiment of your fairy tale. Welcome!